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Jun. 8th, 2011


Please ignore that last post (deleted now). It was supposed to be posted to a comm, not my journals :S

Jan. 3rd, 2011


This morning I got up and dragged myself out of bed and off to work, only to get there and find the parking lot empty. After a moment of confusion I realized it was not, in fact, Tuesday but instead Stat Holiday Monday.

Wow, do I feel stupid.

I guess, instead, I will spend the day podficcing. I have to rerecord a section of [profile] orbedrowned before I can post the next part (but I have about 15 minutes edited) and I also got distracted by [personal profile] house_of_lantis' Undercover, which is now about half recorded, and another non-fandom related editing project.

Jul. 30th, 2010


Ok, this is probably a stupid question and I'm just blind but does anyone know how to allow anonymous commenting for communities? I just set up a new community (well two, one on LJ and one on DW) up and it automatically sets it to no anonymous comments and I can't figure out what I have to do to change that.

Jun. 18th, 2009

*iz an idiot*

So you know how I made that post last night about having a write in today? Well this morning when I got up, I got my computer all ready for tonight (closed all internet windows but that of fic in Google Docs so there'd be no distractions) and then left for work without it!


And because I was planning on typing, I didn't even bring my notebook with me. God.

On a more serious note, I haven't talked about the situation in Iran yet on my journal. Mostly because I've spent the last little while living in a media bubble (there have been H1N1 deaths in Canada, what!?) just catching the news sound bites on the radio. I knew it was going on but didn't really have a lot of information until about 2 days ago when I went on an information frenzy. Thank you so much for those on my flist providing helpful links. And to help spread the word:

i realize now i do not fear death... i fear my daughter will not be free when i die

- Complete article at one_hoopy_frood on LJ