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Aug. 19th, 2012

Fannish Heroes

So I was wondering, do you guys have a fannish hero? Someone that you look up to, or think is super talented or who does things you think are awesome? Someone you maybe wish you could be like?

I think my fannish hero is lunate8 )

[personal profile] lunate8 just has such awesome ideas and she follows through on them. She comes up with these outside-the-box ideas and just does them. I often come up with ideas like this, and want to do them, but they seem too hard, they'd take too much time, and I end up doing something that's fast and easy (because I'm all about the instant gratification). So [personal profile] lunate8 is such an inspiration to me because where I think about doing things, she actually does them. ♥ She's basically what I want to be when I grow up. :D

May. 21st, 2012

I can't believe the friends I have

Thursday started off as any normal day. I was just sitting at my desk at work, poking at what I'd have to do for the day, when I checked my personal email. The first thing I noticed was that [personal profile] fire_juggler posted to [community profile] amplificathon. Then I noticed that she'd sent me a DM, which I checked first. It said

Happy 5-Year Anniversary! Had we known that you would switch fandoms 2 weeks before, we might have chosen differently. But regardless, know that we love you lots and lots, and maybe you can have one last fling with AI before you go. *glomps*

And after reading it (while, actually), I promptly burst into tears. This was kind of awkward and two coworkers had just walked over and they looked kind of alarmed. It actually took me about half an hour to stop crying that morning. I kept working, which I think just made things weirder for my coworkers, as we discussed rebates and filing as I cried. :P

I just, I can't, I honestly don't even know what to say, you guys. I've been trying to write this thank you post for days now and I still am pretty speechless over the whole thing. No one's ever done something like this before. That I have so many friends that were willing to come together and make this for me (and a few others who tried or would have had they known about it) is just so amazing to me.

This is seriously the most amazing thing that ever has happened to me in fandom (and fandom is pretty amazing, so that's saying something). I haven't the preoper words to express how I feel, god.

I haven't finished listening to all my podfic yet, but so far everything has been wonderful and amazing and I love it all.

So, in conclusion, thank you so, so much to [personal profile] fire_juggler for organizing all of this, and to everyone else who contributed:
[ profile] applegeuse, [personal profile] argentumlupine, [personal profile] bessyboo, [personal profile] crazybutsound, [personal profile] croissantkatie, [personal profile] dapatty, [personal profile] exmanhater, [personal profile] fire_juggler (again), [personal profile] fishpatrol, [personal profile] greedy_dancer, [personal profile] heard_the_owl, [personal profile] inkjunket, [personal profile] isweedan, [personal profile] letsgofriday, [personal profile] lunate8, [personal profile] klb, [personal profile] reena_jenkins, [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, [personal profile] sly_hostetter, [personal profile] takola and [personal profile] via_ostiense

Also to [personal profile] bessyboo for the cover, now all of fandom can see that ridiculous picture or me. :P

Mar. 14th, 2012

Cover Art!!

Guys! [ profile] manifesty made cover art for my podfic From Adam to Kris, written by [personal profile] moirariordan. Isn't it pretty?

If you're the type that likes cover art with your podfic but doesn't know how to attach it yourself, I've re-uploaded the files with cover art attached.

Sep. 15th, 2011

*flails lots more*

OMG, "Sirk Nella" (read it backwards) just leaked 3 new Kris Allen songs!!!!!

Fighters is the one I posted about earlier, now there are two more, I Don't Wanna Know and Love Too Much:
Kris Allen Demos by sirknella

I'll be back later with coherent thoughts, but for now I need to listen to them all 11 billioney more times. :D


OMG guys, new music from Kris leaked! It was a beautiful thing to wake up to this morning :D I've been listening to it on repeat whenever I have a chance. If you want to listen it's here (download in the comments). SO GOOD!

True story, I was in the public computer/study area between classes today writing an email to about a job (!! OMG good new there too!) when someone's computer started playing really loud music. I sat there glaring at the guy across from me because he wasn't doing anything to turn in off or turn it down when suddenly Kris' voice came on and I realized it was me. OMG, so embarrassing (stupid Windows had restarted and when I opened my browser all my tabs reloaded and the new song was up).

On the good job news front, I got the job offer today where they didn't say my hours, but they did say how much I'd get paid an hour, which I was shocked to find out would be the same hourly rate as when I was working full time! A good $8/hr more than I was expecting! :O I had been kind of worried that I wouldn't get enough hours going back to my old job part-time but at more than double what I'd get working elsewhere I really can't say no. I'm going in tomorrow to sign the paperwork.

Sep. 5th, 2011

I Am Having an Awesome Weekend


This weekend is 3 Day Novel Podfic weekend and I am having far too much fun. I actually managed to get my podfic done in 2 days instead of 3, so I think I'll start a second one this afternoon. There was a minor freak out yesterday when I went to edit in my rerecords, only to realize that something had happened to my file and the beginning was totally distorted and sounded horrible but luckily I had been saving each individual file as well so was able to make a new masterfile that sounds ok. *phew*

I have been having so much fun on Twitter, there aren't even words. There are 4 of us doing 3 Day Novel Podfic ([personal profile] cantarina, [personal profile] sophinisba and [ profile] weimar27) and we've all be encouraging each other on Twitter (check out the hashtag #3DNPodfic).

[ profile] bessyboo also joined in. I've casually known [ profile] bessyboo for a while now but it wasn't until recently that I started following her on Twitter. SHE IS NOW MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON!!

While having a discussion about podfic, I made said "But we'll keep fighting, right?" Which lead to:

bessyboo: @paraka12 indeed! THE FIGHT CONTINUES! *strikes adventurous pose*

paraka: @bessyboo I'm totally picturing you with an upraised sword in your hand right now :P

bessyboo: FOR PODFIC! (sadly there was no sword, only a windshield scraper to be had) @vworpvworp @paraka12

This, of course, started a trend and I had to make me own FOR PODFIC! picture:

I am sad proud to say that all I had to do to take that picture was grab a mic and move a chair (all other geeky props were either already on my person or were already in the living room). My geeky house, let me show you it.

Some of the other podficcers on Twitter did pictures as well (but they're locked). I totally think this should be a trend though and all podficcers should make one!

[ profile] bessyboo also made me cover art for my 3 Day Novel Podfic which is so awesome I don't even have words!!! It was awesome enough that it's now my desktop picture, kicking out a slide show of hot Kris Allen pictures.