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Apr. 6th, 2011

Vividcon Question

Dilemma: I want to book my flights for Vividcon today (Porter is having a 30% off sale! But it ends today) but I'm not sure how long I'm going to be there. Last year I arrived Thursday night and left Sunday night but totally wanted more time. This year I booked Thursday-Tuesday off work and am flying (which will make things so much nicer). I'm going to be sharing a room with [personal profile] raxhel and [profile] kronos999 and they're both going to be there Thursday-Monday. Should I stay the extra day on my own?

For those on my flist who go to Vividcon and have stayed after, is there still a lot going on, on the Monday/Tuesday?

Nov. 22nd, 2010

Airline Suggestion: Porter Airlines

As I write this I'm waiting at the Newark Airport. I missed my flight (by about 10 minutes *shakes fist*). I factored in about half an hour of not-running-smoothly time but apparently it should have been closer to an hour.

On the plus side of this, even when I was sitting on a stopped train in Jersey, I wasn't actually stressed. I'm flying Porter Airlines for this trip, and I know that they have amazing customer service. And sure enough when I finally got to the airport it took about 10 minutes to get things straightened out and they waived the fees to get my flight changed. Only setting me back about an hour.

I've thought of Porter Airlines as the best out there for a while now but this just confirmed it. Really, if you're flying to, from or around Eastern Canada I highly, highly recommend checking Porter out. Not only do they have amazing customer service, they are also reasonably priced. While other airlines are cutting corners wherever they can, Porter actually offers more. There's free food and drinks (including wine and beer, as well as the normal offerings), their planes have lots of leg room and they have their own lounges at some airports and actually are the only commercial airline to use their Toronto airport (which is small, has free food, drinks and internet and is right in downtown Toronto - so much nicer than Pearson).

I'm generally a lazy consumer and don't bother leaving reviews for things like this but every once in a while someone will offer a product or service that is just too good not to share. So check them out.
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Jun. 22nd, 2010

Saturday's Adam Lambert Concert

So, as promised, a post about my weekend. Or really, just a post about the concert. It was at the Molson Amphitheter. I've never actually gone to a concert in Toronto so didn't actually know what the Amphitheter was. I actually had it confused with the Staples Centre so when we got there, I realized, oh shit, this is pretty much outside, not at a hockey stadium maybe I should have worn sunscreen. I have really pale skin, my family jokes that when I wear shorts you can see my legs from space. I was wearing a tank top on Saturday... I'm still kind of crispy :-/

Probably the most interesting part of Saturday was the people watching. Even though there were quite a few big names performing (some with better radio play that Adam) it was pretty clear that everyone was there for Adam.

Actually, as we were walking in there was a middle aged couple in front of us (early 50s) and the man was harassing the ticket handler and told us we shouldn't come in. Turns out he didn't really pay attention when he was buying his tickets, or else he thought Adam was putting on a 7 hour show because he didn't realize that Adam was only going to be on at the end of the night and he felt cheated. The woman was trying to calm him down and get him to move on. Maybe I'm stereotyping here, but I just did not expect a 50 year old man to get that upset about not seeing Adam Lambert right away.

I had glamed myself up a bit before going to the concert and I certainly wasn't the only one. There were so many people in glitter and studs, leather and lace. There was, of course, a lot of teenie boppers but there was also a lot of diversity in the crowd. There was a group of little old ladies all in glitter and shiny clothes. And this one mother (in her 60s)/daughter (in her late 20s/early 30s) that showed up in matching leather and lace outfits complete with spikey shoes.

It was just so fun to see people outside of their normal zone, making themselves up, however awkwardly, especially the awkward ones actually, in this ideal of what beautiful. It was awesome and amazing, and yeah, really beautiful. I loved it.

I was really sad when they announced that this was going to be Adam's only Canadian stop on his Glam Nation Tour (especially since I don't think it should count, since it was a Wham Bam concert and there was no Allison :S). I would really like to see another one. Actually I just found out that he's going to be performing at the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and I think I'm going to go see him then too (any of my Ottawa peeps want to join me? Tickets are only $20, I'll drive).

May. 20th, 2010

Weird Podfic Experience, Vacation and Protests!

I just has the really weird experience of talking to someone on the phone for work and realizing halfway through the conversation that they sounded a lot like a podficer I sometimes listen to. I don't think they are actually the podficcer (according to the podficer's profile they live in a different country) but still, very weird, and distracting.

Also, thank you so much to everyone that responded to my question about traffic and NYC. I'm still working my way through comments that I need to respond to. At [info - personal] lilithilien's suggestion I managed to find a place that would sell me plane tickets without giving my passport, so the good news is I'm definitely flying down. The bad news is I'm flying US Airways and it's going to be about $100 more (once you include the baggage charges [and it seems so wrong that they charge for even your first bag]).

And in other random news, I went to my first protest last night. It was a protest outside a local organization's monthly meeting and when they got wind of it, they canceled the meeting out of fear for their safety. Which was kind of ridiculous since we were anything but a threatening group. I think all but 3 of us were actually members of the organization in question, mostly we wanted answers to questions the executive of the organization kept avoiding. It seemed especially ridiculous since on the drive down there, we had to pass the RBC which had been fire bombed that morning.

May. 19th, 2010

Travel Plans

Hello Flist,

Question, specifically to the American's on my flist: Memorial Day weekend is coming up, how busy is traffic generally on that weekend?

I'm planning a trip to New York for that week and originally planned on flying in, however when I went to book my flight, I discovered that my passport expired last month. :-/ Cue panicking and early morning trips to the passport office (and much cursing of the new tighter boarder security). They agreed to expedite my passport renewal so I could still leave on the 28th as planned, however, I can only pick it up on the 26. I can't book my flight until I have my passport. And of the flights I was looking at, one of them has all ready been filled and the other ones are getting price hikes. I'm not sure if there's going to be anything available in my price range by the 26th, so I might end up driving down instead. However if traffic is going to be crazy for the long weekend, I might adjust my price range, or else adjust my driving route/schedule.

And, while we're on the topic, does anyone have any suggestions of fun things to do while in NYC? I've been once before, and did a lot of the typical touristy things that time, I was kind of hoping for something a bit different this time. Any suggestions would be awesome.